Thank you, Parents!

We consider everyone that’s a part of Richmond Hill Montessori to be our family. That’s one of
the reasons why it’s so important to us to have an environment where kids can explore, learn and
grow. We value each and every family, and are always looking to welcome new kids that can
benefit from the quality care we provide. Many Richmond Hill Montessori parents have
recommended the program to their friends and family and that’s why we’ve created the Family
Rewards Program. And for being a part of our family, we want to reward you. Here’s how it

  • Refer Richmond Hill Montessori to any friends, extended family, co-workers, or
    neighbors who are interested in infant care, child care or preschool programs.
  • For every new enrolling family, we ask if someone had referred them to Richmond Hill
    Montessori. On our enrollment form, there’s also an area for these families to list who
    referred them. We want to make sure you get the credit, so be sure to remind them to give
    you that when they come to enroll.
  • 3.  For each referral that results in an enrollment to Richmond Hill Montessori, you will
    receive a reward corresponding with the number of families you have referred.  Rewards are issued after the family’s first full month at RHMP.

We created this program to give back to our Richmond Hill Montessori family! We would love
to reward you, so keep this program in mind when you are talking to your friends and family
about the quality education your children are receiving!